Rent Canyoning Kit Annecy

Rent canyoning kit includes a climbing harness, helmet and thick .
Essential to enjoy your outing with jumps and of skids in the natural slides,
neoprene wetsuit allows you to appreciate your canyoning.

Price for the kit : 29 euros per day and per person
The rent day begins from 9 am to end at 6 pm.

We recommend you to have a good experiment of the canyoning for the free practice !

materiel canyoning annecy

Situated 30 minutes from Annecy by car, this canyon offers more or less long and more or less difficult itinerary. The waterfall Angon promises jumps, abseiling and slides.

Situated 40 minutes from Annecy in the Massif des BornesAravis under the “col de la Forclaz”, it alternates between aquatic canyon passages, jumps from 1 to 5 m, abseilin, slides.

Situated 45 minfromAnnecy, this canyon seems a really good canyon to deepen his technical capacities with jumps, abseiling, and other aquatics games.

Situated 35 min from Annecy, this canyon is an aquatic canyon composed of a lot of jumps et slides. It’s a sports canyon.

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